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Subject: FAIR PLAY part 5 (incest) So Frank is my birthdad and the guy whom free lolitas nude pictures I'd been
calling Dad all these lia model preteen lolicon years is my step-dad.It's no big deal.Having two
Dads has been fun.My next play is how to get the two of them into a
3-way with me.
The following weekend,the ceiling fan's motor died on us in the
kitchen.Dad decided to buy a new one.Frank came over to give Dad a
hand.I was out back taking care of the yard. Sweat poured off me and I
was dirty from head to toe.Dad seen me coming in."Hold it there
cowboy.Remember the rules." "But Dad all my clothes are upstairs."
"Well you're just going to have to take them off down here and use the
shower in there". "I don't have any clothes down here". "We're all
men",Frank chimed in.I had closed the door a bit .I saw Dad on the chair
hanging up the ceiling fan.Frank was close to his crotch handng him the
tools.They both whispered something inaudiable.I pulled out my cock
looking at that hot scene,fantasizing about Dad and Frank getting it on
right there little girl lolita cunts in the kitchen.
Just then the door had opened.There was Dad and Frank looking at me when
I opened up my eyes."Look what we have here.A little queer stroking his
cock."said Frank. "Guess we oughta teach him a lesson what it means to
be a REAL man" They both laughed.Dad grabbed me from behind.He stripped
off my shirt.Frank used a finger to fondle my nipple."Not bad" he
said.Then Dad brushed his hand against my starting to sprout hairy
chest."Oooh look here,nice fur starting to appear". Frank undid my
pants."Look here,nice bushy pubes too." "Would get a load of that raging
hard on". "Time to teach our boy to become a cock sucker.Frank undone
his jeans.He slapped me in the face with his dick.Dad said,"I'll start
at this end". Dad gt on his knees and ate my ass as Frank's cock entered
my mouth,between the walls of my mouth til it slid down my throatI can
hear Dad slurping.Frank contractually breathing.It got louder the longer
I sucked on it.They both changed sides.Dad and Frank stood up and began
kissing each other as they slid out of their clothes.They threw me into
the shower where they had joined me..I ate both my Dads asses.Both of
them penetrated my ass.Then they both got on their knees and licked my
cock as well as each others tongues.They both ate my ass together.I
broke loose and ate FRank's ass first.Dad began fucking me.I ate dads
ass,"Yeah boy,eat your daddys asshole.Get your tongue deep and as far as
it can go .Oh yeah>Fuck it boy,fuck me with your tongue".He began a
rhythm with his ass back and forth.He even pumped Franks face with his
cock.We soaped up one another and washed it away.Dad and I fucked
Frank's ass.Pounding it til he was begging for mercy.He was moaning and
groaning.Dad and I had our tongues down each others throats.I slid
between Frank's legs and ate his cock.He cut loose without a warning and
came down my throat,"Oh yeah,our boy is a cum slut". Dad chimed in,"Its
my turn.I want him to swallow every last drop.:" Dad pumped my mouth
until he lets loose.There was so much cum I had it oozing out of my
mouth.Frank licked it off.Frank sucked on my cock as Dad took my nuts in
his mouth.Dad moved to my ass where he tongue bathed it and hit a spot
that drove me wild.I let out alo of cum that both of them were licking
it up and some went on their faces.We were all drained.End of part 5.Any
ideas as to where this story might go.I enjoy hearing from you guys..
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